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A wide range of clubs and activities are offered for students of all ages. At Princeton Charter School, we believe clubs and activities offer students the opportunity to develop interests, build  relationships with classmates, and enjoy a healthy vibrant school community.

After-School Programs Fall 2023



Jazz Ensemble


Prep Orchestra: Strings / Wind, Brass, Percussion

Rain or Shine Gardening Club: Grade 2 / Grades 3 and 4

Science Bowl: Permission Form / Registration

Yoga Club


Art Club

Chess Club

Jazz Ensemble


Operation Smile

Orchestra / Piano Ensemble / Prep Orchestras

Science Bowl and Science Clubs

Spring Musical


Register for sports and upload medical forms at rSchoolstoday

The Princeton Charter School offers sports teams for students in grades six, seven and eight.  Teams practice after school three days a week. The Princeton Charter School believes that through participation in athletics, students have the opportunity to develop sportsmanship and teamwork, commitment and effort, and a sense of school spirit.

Through participation on sports teams, students also  develop a healthy sense of belonging and membership in the school community. In addition, games and matches offer the opportunity for challenge.   Valuable lessons are learned when facing challenges and meeting success or failure.

We believe that these character and physical developments  occur only through the conscious effort by the coaches to teach these lessons.

Parents play an essential role in supporting the student by supporting the athletic philosophy and by modeling good sportsmanship qualities as a spectator.





Cross Country

Field Hockey




Athletic Forms

The after-school sports program is open to students in grades 6, 7 and 8.

Sports Seasons:

  • Fall: Soccer, cross-country and field hockey
  • Winter: Basketball
  • Spring: Lacrosse and volleyball

In accordance with New Jersey State Law, (N.J.A.C. 6A:16-2.2), completed physicals and histories must be reviewed by our school physician before a student is cleared to begin practice.

Students cannot begin practice until all documents have been received and processed, no exceptions.

To be eligible to participate, the following forms are required:

  1. Parent/Guardian Information & Consent Form (print, review, sign)
  2. Concussion Form (print, review, sign)
  3. Sudden Cardiac Death In Student Athletes Pamphlet (Read and review)
  4. Sudden Cardiac Death Pamphlet Sign-Off Sheet (print, sign)
  5. Opiod Fact Sheet and Signature Form (print, sign.) Effective Spring 2018
  6. Physical Forms – To participate in after school sports you must also complete and submit one of the following. Please note that physical exams are valid for sports participation if they were done within 365 days of the start of practice.

A.  If your child needs to update their physical before the start of a season, click here (print all 4 forms and take these to your appointment.) Please note, the History Form is completed by the parent prior to the appointment. Important Note:  Physical Exams must be performed by the child’s physician, even if a parent or guardian is a practicing physician.

For all subsequent sports seasons your child will be participating in, you will need to complete and submit a (Health History Update Questionnaire) within 90 days of the start of practice.   This form does not require a doctor’s signature.


B.  If your child’s physical exam is up to date, you must complete and submit the Health History Update Questionnaire (print, complete and submit within 90 days of the start of practice.)

Students will not be allowed to begin practice until all forms have been submitted.

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