Mission and Goals

The mission of Princeton Charter School is to provide its diverse student body the best possible education by focusing on the fundamental academic disciplines in an atmosphere that affirms academic achievement and, in so doing, to offer the community true choice in public education.  Princeton Charter School believes that a “thorough and efficient” education is best accomplished through a rigorous curriculum that requires mastery of core knowledge and skills.


  • Recognize the importance of hard work, personal responsibility, and respect for others
  • Develop clear and effective written and oral communication skills using standard English
  • Acquire a strong foundation in mathematical reasoning skills
  • Learn about the political, economic, cultural, geographic, and technological forces that have shaped the history of our country and the world
  • Acquire knowledge and skills in the sciences and be able to conduct inquiries using the scientific method
  • Develop an informed appreciation of the arts and participate in their creation
  • Speak, read, and write in a language other than English
  •  Learn the essentials necessary for a healthy, safe, and fit life

 Quick Facts

  • No tuition, fees, or tests are required for admission
  • English and Mathematics are the cornerstones of the PCS education and meet daily for one hour
  • History, Science and World Languages meet daily for 45 minutes
  • K-2 students are taught in self-contained classrooms led by a primary teacher
  • PCS offers Special Education and related services in full compliance with state and federal law
  • Grade 3-8 students are taught by subject specialists in each of the academic subjects
  • Bus transportation is provided by the regional school district
  • A variety of team sports and club activities are offered after school throughout the year