Following the passage of the Charter School Program Act of 1995, a group of Princeton parents explored the merits of opening a charter school in Princeton.  After formulating their vision of a public school with high academic standards, the group actively sought out other parents and community members with similar goals.  Lengthy discussions and hard work led to the creation of a charter, a document detailing the educational philosophy, curriculum and budget for the school.  In September, 1997, the vision became a reality when the first 72 students began to attend classes. The school has thrived and grown from that first group of students to 424 students in grades K-8. The school facilities have expanded to include two separate classroom buildings, one for grades K-3, one for grades 6-8, and the recently opened 4th  and 5th grade classrooms.   The Campus Center is used by all grade levels and includes a state of the art gymnasium, “black-box” theater and classrooms devoted exclusively to the instruction of art and music.

In 2021, the school charter was renewed by the New Jersey Department of Education for another five-year term.