Academic Program Overview

PCS believes that learners acquire genuine self esteem through the challenge of academic accomplishment. The school will have high expectations so that all its students will acquire the knowledge and skills they need for success in their further education and careers.

The school follows a rigorous curriculum that is a systemic, sequential program with mastery of specific knowledge and skills at each grade level. The program is aimed to be challenging to, but not too difficult for average students.

With a focus on mastery of core knowledge and skills, teaching methods provide appropriate support and challenge for all students. Integrated assessment to confirm student progress and identify the need for intervention or further challenge.

Timely and complete communication with parents establishes a partnership that promotes an environment most likely to achieve success for all students..

Most instructional time is spent teaching the standard curriculum to the entire class.
Homework complements and supplements classwork, but does not
replace the teacher’s obligation to cover material in class.

Pull-out programs are avoided in order to provide students with an authentic, least restrictive learning experience.

K-4 Program

5-8 Program