Support Team

Currently we are proud to have a team of professional and caring service providers.

  • Director of Special Education.  Gail Wilbur is the supervisor of our various student services and responsible for seeing that the various formal support processes are being executed properly, services are provided as designated, necessary training is implemented to support faculty understanding, and that we are in compliance with all state regulations.
  • Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant (LDTC).  Rachaele Cianci assesses students during the qualification for classification process to identify their current level of academic performance and ability.  She is the “case-manager” and is responsible for the initial eligibility process, the annual reviews of the plan, and the periodic re-evaluation of students to ensure that they still require special services to support their academic growth.  She is also a resource to parents and faculty.  Additionally she is the I&RS and 504 Plan coordinator.  She may be reached at
  • School Psychologist.  Yvette Muniz conducts assessment to determine a  student’s potential for learning as part of the evaluation process for an IEP.  Additionally she can function in an advisory capacity for us when needed.
  • Social Worker.  Christa Wolski meets with designated students supporting them in developing management processes for social and/or emotional challenges that may distract from learning.  She is also part of the evaluation process for special education services classification.
  • Occupational Therapy (OT)/Physical Therapy (PT).  Michelle Davis-Korngut  addresses development of fine motor skills and organizational processes (OT) and Clare Fannon works on gross motor skills (PT) when specified as necessary special education services in an IEP.
  • Speech and Language.  Our speech and language specialist, Suzy DiIlorio, helps children with enunciation and aspects of speech usage.  An evaluation and IEP are required for these services.
  • Special Education Teachers.  These are teachers with certification in special education, which includes teaching approaches, understanding of learning differences and other factors that affect learning.  Our certified special education instructors include Margaux Wisniewski and Cheryl Horan. These teachers may meet with students in a smaller learning environment or help support all students in the larger classroom as necessary.
  • Literacy Specialist.  We have 2 certified literacy specialists, Amy Vallone and Sandy Noyelle.  They may advise teachers on instructional practice, work with students identified with reading difficulties for a variety of reasons, not just dyslexia, and provide in-class support.