Residents domiciled within the Princeton Public School District are given priority over out-of-district residents. Click here to check which addresses fall within the Princeton Public School District.

Review the complete Admissions Information here.

In District Online form

Out of District Online form

Note: Out-of-district names will not be assigned a lottery number nor drawn in the lottery unless there are not enough in-district residents registered for the lottery.

We will keep all registration forms in the event it is necessary to draw from out-of-district to fill the seats at each grade level. (i.e. if you are an out-of-district applicant, you will only receive a lottery number if there are not enough in-district students registered for the lottery.)

Registration Forms for Download: EnglishSpanish 

  • Mail or deliver to: The Admissions Cooordinator, K. Byrne, 100 Bunn Drive, Princeton, NJ, 08540, or
  • Fax to: 609-924-7450