PCS Reopening Plan – Fall 2020 – Updated 08-16-20

08-16-20: Reopening  – Start of School Announcement


Dear Princeton Charter School parents,

Please see the attached outline of our initial plan for the start of school.   The plan takes into consideration a multitude of variables as we know them at this time, relying on:

  • Guidelines set forth by the NJDOE in the document The Road Back
  • Input from the local health authorities and the New Jersey Department of Health, NJDOH
  • National health and safety guidelines from the Center for Disease Control, CDC
  • Aspects specific to Princeton Charter School: our mission, academic program, facilities, students, and staff

Princeton Charter School’s commitment to excellence in education underpins this plan.

This summer we have been working to enhance our understanding of remote instruction design, and teachers have been working with a consultant to help build this skill set.  Remote instruction is not simply trying to replicate a live class with Zoom.  It is, in fact, using deliberate remote lesson design through technology to maximize student engagement and learning.  We know that remote instruction will have a significant role in the AY 2020-21 school year.

There are a few important caveats:

  1. Planning for these uncertain times has been a massive undertaking. Despite our best efforts it is simply impossible to create a plan that will satisfy every want and need.
  2. All plans are subject to change.  We may have to shift to fully remote instruction at any time, including before the start of school. I am pleased to share with you that due to the dedication and commitment of our staff, we stand ready and prepared for such a possibility.
  3. Just yesterday, July 20, Governor Murphy announced that families will be able to opt for a 100% remote instruction model. While we believe this is not optimal, we understand and support our parents in making what they deem to be the best decisions for their children and families.

We will have more specific information as we approach the start of school.


Parents will have the option between two plans — 100% remote instruction or a hybrid of in-person and remote instruction.

It is essential for us to determine as soon as practical who will be attending live classes in September so that we can design specific schedules around social distancing and classroom square footage.

Towards that end, I am asking that you please complete the survey indicating your choice for instruction. (Link in email of 7/22.) Please note, if you commit to the 100% remote option, your child will need to remain in that plan for at least the first six weeks of school. Parents will have the ability to move from in-person instruction to 100% remote at any time.

Finally, I am also attaching a letter and transportation waiver form from Donna Bradin, Transportation Supervisor for the Princeton Public School District which provides our bus transportation.  We are asking that if at all possible, families waive bus transportation this year in order to reduce student exposure, address the decrease in bus capacity, and to also allow us flexibility for our schedule of start and end times.

On Thursday at 7:00 PM and Friday at 9:00 AM we will have a zoom meeting to present the plan and for parents to ask questions.

Larry Patton

Reopening Plan – Fall 2020

PPS Transport Waiver Request – Updated for 2020-2021 School Year

PPS Parental Transport Waiver Form