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Princeton Charter School teaches history, geography, and social studies, from Kindergarten through the eighth grade. Children are introduced to history through stories and by fifth grade embark upon more serious study. The emphasis is on political, economic, geographic, cultural, and technological forces which have shaped the history of the world and of the United States. As demonstrated by the progress indicators in the Charter, the curriculum follows the guidelines of the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards for Social Studies.

Starting in fifth grade, the students pursue a chronological study of world history and geography. The fifth grade studies civilizations up to approximately  500 B.C., including Mesopotamia, North Africa, China, India, and Mediterranean civilizations; the sixth grade does a chronological survey from 500 B.C. to 500 A.D., again on a world-wide basis, including classical Greece, Rome, China, and India; the seventh grade begins circa 500 A.D. and carries the narrative through the seventeenth century; and the eighth grade completes the narrative up to the modern age, including detailed focus on American history through the Civil War and Reconstruction period.

As they study the history of each region, the students analyze the interdependency between political and cultural developments and the physical environment. As part of the history curriculum, and at all grade levels, students are introduced to our system of government, along with others in the world.

PCS students learn geography in conjunction with their study of history. Map skills start with simple location and advance to interpretation of coordinates, elevations, economic and climatic data, etc. These mapping skills promote geometric concepts such as scale, coordinate systems, and two-dimensional projections of three-dimensional objects.

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