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Language Arts

During the formative years, teachers are committed to meeting the instructional needs of young children so that foundational skills are mastered and students prepared for the rigorous curricula that Princeton Charter School offers. Students in kindergarten through fourth grade are guided through an enriching, stimulating, and comprehensive English program that includes listening, reading, writing, and oral language development. This curriculum is content-rich, includes a variety of genre and materials, and is based on best-practice research in Language Arts. The curriculum is reinforced by meaningful and purposeful daily home practice.

 Explicit word analysis is taught through phonics, word and structural analysis, and use of context clues. Students are also engaged by a variety of genre: fiction, non-fiction, and poetry and are immersed in language through reading in a variety of groupings, for challenge and support. Comprehension strategies are taught by having students predict, infer ideas, summarize, and reflect on literature. On-going assessment guides and reinforces teaching practices. Further, students enjoy daily opportunities for sustained reading of choice-books at their independent level, and for teacher-chosen topics integrated in other areas of curricula.

Young students at Princeton Charter School write daily in a variety of genre (narrative, expository, and poetry) following tenets of good writing.  They share their writing with teachers, peers, students in other grades, and the community.  Students write for both for practice and purpose.  They write in response to what they read, write to inform and persuade, and write to learn the power of the written word.  There are clear expectations for paragraph and composition development, along with mastering basic developmentally appropriate conventions.
Overall, students are expected to express clarity of thought, read critically with fluency and expression, and write with purpose, as they continue to learn and develop through on-going guided practice. 
For a full description of the language arts curriculm, click  here.


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